Blonde Nurse is a nurse at Deedstown's hospital.

History Edit

When Ra and Mantha are taken to Deedstown's hospital She is first seen at Deedstown's hospital when Ra is carried thourgh the building on a stretcher after being mistaken for an injured human boy, when she saw Mantha she also believed her to be a very sick and injured human girl due to her dead-like appearance and the fact that she was missing an arm so she forced Mantha into another stretcher and tried to examinate her until Mantha managed to scare her away. When Casper's gang ran away from them she, along with the doctor and several other nurses, chased after them until the kids managed to escape.

Appearance Edit

She has the same hairstyle, face and body shape as Rebecca Bradley. She has shoulder-lenght sandy blonde hair with long bangs, violet eyes and fair skin. She has light pink/violet colored lips and brown eyeshadow. She wears a nurse uniform consisting in a light blue sleeveless dress with a white blouse underneath and a nurse hat.