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Scare School

Cappy is the pirate ship driver at Scare School. He flies the pirate ship that provides the main connection between Scare School and Deedstown. It is unknown what kind of creature he is, but judging by his skin colour he may be some sort of undead creature. Cappy has a parrot named Beaky as a pet.
Mantha Cappy Ra Thumb

Cappy, along wiht Mantha and Ra, in front of his ship


Cappy is dressed in a traditional pirate costume, has a hook for a right hand, and has eye patches in front of both his eyes, rendering him completely blind. However, he actually needs to be blind in order to find his way. When his blindness was stolen from him by Razznik, Cappy lost all sense of direction. However in the second season, Cappy never had any eyes in the first place and longed for some. Casper and friends once tried to give him new eyes, but they made Cappy see everything and everyone (even humans) as something scary.