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The Ghostly Trio floats out of their manor and cause havoc through Deedstown until they arrive to a market, they scare everyone there before cornering them so that Casper can scare them, Fatso opens a fridge's doors expecting Casper to come out but he doesn't, much to the Trio's confusion. Meanwhile, Casper's human friend Jimmy Bradley searches inside his house's garage with a lantern until he spots Casper, unintentionally scaring him, Casper then grabs a football and he and Jimmy walk out of the garage. Casper helps Jimmy train for his soccer game, when they are done Casper realizes he had to meet his uncles 30 minutes ago, he then wonders if he is too late and gets his answer when the Banana Lady runs past him screaming.

The Trio, now back in their manor watch a TV show from the Underworld called "Scare Center", which shows the Trio scaring people, the Trio get excited by this until cable goes out, when Stretch goes to fix the tv's antenn he notices green clouds and lightning hovering over the house and realizes that Kibosh has arrived. When Kibosh enters the house, the Trio compliment him but he ignores them and asks where Casper is, the Trio makes up stories until the cable returns and the Scare Center shows "The Lowest of the Low": Casper when he was scared by Jimmy. Kibosh, furious, destroys the TV and chews out the Trio for not making any progrees with Casper's "problem". Casper then returns home, thinking that the Trio didn't even notice he wasn't there, only to be greeted by Kibosh and his nervious uncles. The family sits down in the living room while Kibosh explains the importance of scaring "fleshies" so that they don't raise against the creatures before ordering that Casper gets enrolled in a reform school for young creatures called "Scare School".


Stinkie John DiMaggio
Fatso Billy West
Strech Dan Casttellaneta
Banana Laby Debi Derryberry
Puck Kid Scott Menville
Casper Devon Werkheiser
Jimmy Brett Belbuono
Scare Center Host 1    Pat Fraley
Scare Center Host 2 Scott Menville
Kikosh Kevin Michael Richardson
Aldber Jim Belushi
Monaco Nika Futterman
Pumpkinhead Scott Menville
Guard 2 Rodger Bumpass
Jake John DiMaggio
Maya Santoa Candi Milo