This is the relationship between Casper and Mantha. Casper and Mantha have grown to be very good friends ever since they first met. The bond that they have formed could, and had, led some to believe in the possibility of a romantic relationship happening in the future.

Episode Moments

Season 1

Grimly Day

  • Casper first wanted to team up with Mantha for the contest.

Scare Scouts

  • In Casper's fantasy Mantha sat next to him and gave him a glance of love.

Bands On The Run

  • Mantha got especially upset when Casper choosed to form a band with Jimmy without including her and Ra and convinced Ra to side with Thatch against Jimmy's band.

Vote for Casper

  • Casper disobeyed Kibosh's orders of running for Class Representative since he didn't want to betray Mantha, who was also running, not caring that he could have been severely punished for that.
  • Even after Casper withdrew, Mantha votes for Casper anyways and strokes Casper's head affectionally while she told him.

What Possessed You?

  • Casper brought Norman back to Deedstown after he threateaned to mail Mantha's head to China.

My Fair Harpy

  • Casper was happy when Mantha told Ra she was going to the Winter Chill Dance with Casper, they later danced together and Casper even wore a bow tie for the occasion.

Curse of the Sandwich

Wiz Kid Ra

  • Mantha hides behind Casper for protection when they see a giant insect.

Ghost in the Gallery

  • While Casper told the gang about his uncles stealing a painting, Mantha sat next to him and had her hand on his shoulder until they left to go to the museum.


  • Mantha was quick to defend Casper after Thatch said Casper couldn't play Slugby and she throws her head at Casper to prove Thatch wrong, although Casper failed to catch it.