Crypt Critters


Production number



"You Oughta Be In Pictures"

"Crypt Critters" is the eighteenth episode of the first season of Casper's Scare School.

Summary Edit

Mantha has crypt critters, so Casper and Ra try to find a solution to put end to Mantha's itchiness.

Plot Edit

When Mantha finds three Crypt Critters in her hair, she begs Casper and Ra not to tell the Nurse since she would check the whole school, and everyone would know Mantha was the first one to have it and decides to try to solve the problem herself.

At history class, Mantha can't stand the itchiness of her head and accidentally yells that "[the Crypt Critters] is driving [her] crazy" so an annoyed Hedy makes her go up to the board and name some plagues, even though Mantha doesn't know any. Casper then distracts everyone by shaking the dinosaur bones from the walls, which make a lot of noise and an angry Hedy dismiss everyone.