The students learned that they have been expelled. But their luck comes when their expellsion has been lifted.

Note: This is a short dealing with Casper's return to Cartoon Network


The short begins with Harpy waking up from a branch and flying to Scare School. On Cappy's ship, the gargoyles begin a roll call for the students. Inorder Thatch, Ra, Mantha, Casper, Wolfie, Mosshead, Slither, Dummy Girl, and "the rest". They continue giving a roll call to the teachers Professor Burns, Heady Hopper, Franken Gymteacher, and the nurse. The students and staff walk to the entrance hall after an emberassing trip. When they enter, Alder and Dash tells the students that they are all expelled. All the students including Casper get shocked by the sudden news. Alder informs the students that they got expelled 3 weeks ago. Dash confirms that it was because the "Scare Network" had deemed them too light hearted and cancelled their permanent record. The scene then shows employees of the Scare Network acting like actual idiots (for example bableing nonsence).

Ra is so surprised, he asks that they "were cancelled?". The nurse finds it tragic that the Scare Network won't let the nurse give kids whats "good" for them. Dash tells everyone to clean up their dorms, pack their bags, and leave Scare School. The orb like phone then rings and the headmasters answered it. After hanging up, Alder tells the students that they have good news (much to Dash's disappointment). Dash confirms that the "morons" that cancelled their permanent record were themselves fired for incompetence. And not just fired but end up in the ice caverns. Mantha asks what it means for them and for those fans as she is pointing to the fans that are mysteriously placed on the ceiling. Alder answers that it means that their back on the air. After a brief silence, Dash finishes with "in the air, in their flying pirate ship". The students started cheering and Thatch knee slides shouting "We're back baby!".