Mr. Bradley protects Jimmy
Ghost Bust a Move




Original air date

October 21, 2009

Production number



Time Waits For No Ghost


My Fair Harpy

Summary Edit

Casper and friends haunt Jimmy's house in an effort to stop the Bradley family from moving.

Plot Edit

The episodes starts with all the students reunited in the auditorium, where Kibosh gives them a Scare Aptitude Test, he orders Pumpkinhead to scare him and when he fails Kibosh exhales fire to teach him how to scare and ends up scaring the students so much that they flee.

After that, Casper's gang find out that Thatch is reading other people's mail and tries to read a letter that is for Casper but he manages to get it from Thatch, who in the struggle ends up falling in the auditorium and knocking over a gargoyle, Kibosh then demands to now who scared the gargoyle and Thatch blames Casper, Ra, Mantha and Wolfie. Kibosh is pleased with this and gives all four of them the day off. Casper then reads his letter, it turns out the letter is from Jimmy, where he tells Casper that he and his family are moving away.

At the Bradley Residence, Jimmy tells his friends that his father wants to move to Fort Innecesary, a desolated village since he couldn't find a salesman job in town so Casper's gang decide to help Jimmy by scaring anyone who wants to buy the house. Wolfie tries to scare two possible buyers but the saleswoman rushes the couple inside and when Mantha and Ra try to scare them, the saleswoman locks them up in a closet so Casper decides to try and talk the couple out of buying the house and accidentally manages to scare them away, the saleswoman starts to chew out Casper until she realizes she is talking to a ghost and also runs away screaming so Mr. Bradley decides to sell the house himself. Ra and Mantha then exchange the house's number for another, in which they arranged to reunite with Alder and Dash. Unfortunately, the customers manage to find Jimmy's house anyways.

Later, Mr. bradley sells the house so they kids take the family's stuff from the truck, they succeed until Mantha's arms are accidentally placed on the truck but Wolfie gets them back, the mover then drives off and Casper tries to scare him to make him stop but is unable to reach the truck and it drives away. Casper gives up and apologizes to Jimmy and they start say goodbye to each other. However, Mr. Bradley sees them together and, believing that Jimmy was in danger, grabs him and tries to shoo Casper away. Casper isn't scared, but still walks away sadly, Mr. Bradley is ecstatic by the fact that he "got rid" of a real ghost and believes he is good at that so he decides to stay in Deedstown and gets a new job: Creature Catcher.