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Graham Bradley
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Graham Bradley is Jimmy's father and Mrs. Bradley's husband. Originally he was apparently a salesman since he once tried to move his family to another town, stating he could not find any good sales jobs anymore in Deedstown. However, after he saw Casper with Jimmy and "protected" his son from him, he decided to change profession instead and became a Creature Catcher.

He frecuently tries to hunt down the students of Scare School, but without any succes (either he fails to catch them, or they escape again shortly afterwards). The only time he actually managed to catch and contain a creature was in Power Outage (Part 3 and 4), in which he captured Razznik. He also once accidently discovered the Dimensional Tube to Scare School when he followed Casper, Ra and Mantha, and tried to catch all the students in the school. However, he was captured himself and had to be rescued by Casper and his friends, after which Jimmy used one of his own tools to erase his memories of Scare School.


He is a middle aged man with auburn hair and blue eyes. He wears big, round glasses, a blue shirt with a purple vest, brown pants and brown shoes.

When he is working, he wears a Creture Catcher uniform, which consists on a navy blue jumpsuit with four light blue pockets on the front, a black belt and black boots.


He is kind, bubbly and somewhat of an air-head. He is very close-minded when it comes to creatures, up to the point where he brainwashed his own son when he tried to stand up for the creatures. He is less strict with Jimmy than his wife.


Jimmy Bradley

Mr. Bradley protects Jimmy

Graham "protects" Jimmy

Jimmy is Graham's only son. Graham is very protective of Jimmy and wants him to join him in the Creature Catcher business.

Rebecca Bradley

She is Graham's wife. They seem to love each other very much as seen in "Our Boy Wolfie".


  • His name was originally Rick as revealed in "Ghost Bust a Move".
  • In "Casper's New Friend" his first name is revealed to be Graham.
  • He is the second father to have his first name revealed.