Casper, Mantha, and Ra find Cappy's treasure map. They promise to Cappy that they will use it to find his missing treasure. Mantha decides to make a copy for her and Ra. But Ra presses the copy button too many times; enough exact copies of the map are made for everyone in Scare School. Now every student in Scare School is searching for the treasure, and even Alder and Dash. So Casper, Mantha, and Ra hurry up in their struggles to find Cappy's treasure. After thinking they've found it's location, Mantha realizes something about the dotted lines on the map. Everyone thought they were a path, but they were marks showing where to fold. Mantha turns the map into an origami cat head. So the trio heads to Alder and Dash's office, which resembles a cat's head. Once there, Mantha also realizes that the "X" that marks the spot is in the cat's eye. Casper, Mantha, and Ra look out that eye-shaped window and see a huge "X" shape in the ocean surrounding Scare School. They go there and retrieve the treasure before anyone else. Alas, it was only Cappy's teddy bear the whole time.