Jimmy's Trunk Call  is an episode of the second season of Casper's Scare School.


Casper, Mantha and Ra are in the garage of the Bradley Residence, where Mantha hides herself in a pink suitcase. The suitcase, it turns out, belongs to Jimmy, who was packing it for an upcomming scout trip, and Mantha scares him when he opens it. Afterwards, Jimmmy shows his 3 monster friends the bag he prepared for the trip when suddenly Norman and 2 other bullies show up and ridicule Jimmy for his pink suitcase.

Wanting to help his friend, Casper has Mantha and Ra help him to bring an old trunk from the manor to Jimmy so he can use it for his stuff. When the 3 monsters return to the mansion however, they find Casper's uncles desperately looking for the missing trunk. It turns out the trunk is actually a portal to the forbidden forest that gobbles up everybody who opens it. Realizing Jimmy is in danger, Capser Ra and Mantha rush back to the garage, but they are too late. Jimmy has already disappeared into the trunk, and the 3 monsters see how Norman is sucked in as well. Out of other options, Casper, Ra and Mantha follow the two boys into the trunk.

Once in the forbidden forest, Casper marks the spot they have landed so they can find it again. Then they start their search by following Norman's pet frog. They leave a trail using ropes and candy (and later Ra's bandages) so they can find their way back. They soon find themselves under attack from a group of gloutches, but Ra can ease them by singing a song.

They eventually find Jimmy and Norman when they notice the glow of a campfire Jimmy has made. Norman is clearly scared of the woods, but Jimmy patiently waits for help to come. To attrack their attention without Norman seeing them, Mantha ties some of Ra's bandages to Norman's frog and sends him ahead. Jimmy recognizes the knot and bandages as being from his friends, and tells norman to follow the bandages. They end up back at the three stump that can send them home. Norman is reluctant to enter the stump, but Casper scares him into doing it anyway. Once safely back in the garage Norman appologizes to Jimmy for thinking scouts are stupid. Ra, Mantha and Casper follow not much later and congratulate Jimmy on taking care of himself in the forbidden forest, while Jimmy congratulates them for the succesful rescue. They collectively say their scout yell, when Graham Bradley shows up to say he found Jimmy a new suitcase.