Our Boy Wolfie is an episode from the second season.

Plot Edit

Casper's gang try to hunt down Wolfie on one of his full-moon rampages with Jimmy's help (while he wears a werewolf-costume). After bumping into his mail box, Jimmy stumbles past the window where Graham and Rebecca see him, and howls in pain. The kids (minus Wolfie) run away so that they can't be seen and by the time they leave, Wolfie ends up in front of the Bradley Residence, right when his parents open the door. With the clouds covering the full moon, Wolfie returns to his normal state but Jimmy's parents thinks he is Jimmy as they think that "Jimmy" was turned this way due to his father's monster-hunting job, the Bradleys agree to love their "son" in his condition.

Wolfie ends up living in a pampered life, getting chocolate milk, walks and playing video games, and decides to never return to Scare School and just replace Jimmy in his house. Unable to just have Jimmy appear to prove that Wolfie is lying without risking his life to his dad, Casper and his friends try to just switch the two, except all their plans failed, until Casper tricks Wolfie into doing the "fun" stuff on a school night: doing homework, chores, and getting a bath, which horrorifes Wolfie enough for him to run away, letting Jimmy take his rightful place with his family.








This episode is clearly set after Ghost Bust a Move, since Graham Bradley is already a creature catcher. However, Wolfie somehow doesn't know who Jimmy is, despite the fact that they met in 'Ghost Bust a Move'. This is one of the inconsitencies in Season 2.