[Inside the hospital, an elderly nurse and a blonde-haired nurse stare at Ra surprised as he is rushed thourgh the aisles on a stretcher by the paramedics. The blonde-haired nurse spots Mantha.]

Blonde Nurse: Doctor, Come quick!.

[Mantha runs after Ra until Blonde Nurse stops her. Mantha gasps as Blonde Nurse lifts her up and places her on a nearby stretcher. The doctor runs to Ra's side and examinates him.]

Doctor: Bring in the surgical (?)

[The staff advance. Blonde Nurse takes the defribilator while an angry Mantha is carried on her stretcher by a male nurse with Elderly Nurse following them. Ra cringles as the paramedics leave him and is connected to a machine.]

Mantha: What are you doing?. He's not sick!.

Doctor: (?) Delirious.

Ra: No! She's right! It's out friend who needs help!.

[He tries to get off the stretcher but the doctor and Elerly Nurse hold him back.]

Doctor: (?) Delirious.

[Casper and Jimmy arrive to the room. Casper places Jimmy in front of the doctor and appoaches him.]

Casper: Excuse me.

Doctor: These bandages are filthy!. How long have you had them on?.

Ra: About 2,500 years.

[The doctor looks at him shocked before checking Ra's pulse.]

Doctor: He's got no pulse!. Defibrillator.

[Nurse #2 goes to get the Defibrillator.]

Doctor: And get rid of these filthy dressings. He needs new bandages.

Ra: New bandages?. Now you're talkin'!

[Casper walks up to Mantha and gives her her missing arm.]

Doctor: Your arm!

Casper: Doctor, please. It's terrible. I-i don't know what's wrong.

Doctor: Uh, yes. Well, you're very pale.

Casper: Not me. my friend.

[He points at Jimmy, who is groaning and scratching his face. The doctor leaves the defibrillator and examinates Jimmy.]

Doctor: Looks like a serious allergic reaction of some kind. Have you been doing anything out of the ordinary?

[A flashback shows Casper and Jimmy playing Zombie Attack at the manor, with the boys hiding under the same chair.]

Jimmy: What would you consider out of the ordinary?

Nurse #3: Doctor, quickly. It's the boy with the bandages.

Doctor: I'll be back. In the meantime, don't scratch.

[The doctor leaves and Nurse #2 leads Jimmy and Casper to another room. The boys enter the room with their chair and cookies. Nurse #2 leaves, closing the door behind her. Jimmy sits on the chair and resumes scratching his head.]

Jimmy: What could I be allergic to?

Casper: It must have been something at my uncles' house, maybe it's Ra or Mantha, maybe it's me. Jimmy, don't scratch!. [he walks up to a chart and grabs some tape.]

Jimmy: [still scratching his head.] My father was right. I'm not old enough to take care of myself. I wish my mom and dad were here.

[Casper ties Jimmy up with the tape.]

Jimmy: What are you doing?.

Casper: Stopping you from scratching, and I'm calling your parents. This is more than we can handle.

Jimmy: No!. If they find out I left the house, I'll be grounded forever. I guess I was pretty stupid to do what I did.

[Meanwhile, the doctor prepares to defibrillate Ra. The defibrillator powers up.]

Nurse #2: Clear!

[The doctor defibrillates Ra.]

Ra: [laughing] Hey, that tickles! [Grabs the defibrillator uses it on himself.]

Doctor: [To the nurses] I've never seen anything like it.

Ra: Um, excuse me. Somebody said something about new bandages.

Mantha: What are you doing?. We're here for Jimmy, not bandages.

Ra: I know. I know. But look at 'em all. [He stares adoringly at several boxes of bandages on the shelves.]

Mantha: Ra!

Ra: Right, right jimmy.

Mantha:[puts her hand on the doctor's shoulder but ends up losing it.] Doctor?.

Doctor: [Gasps] Not again!. Nurse!.

Mantha: Hold on!. You don't un- [Blonde Nurse puts a mask on her face, trying to anestetiate her.]

Doctor: Get this patient to the O.R..We need to operate now!.

Mantha: [Muffled shouting. She shoves Nurse #1's hand and the mask away.] I told you I'm fine!.

Doctor: She'll need new sutures.

Mantha: Sutures?, like stitches? [she smiles.].