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Physical Description



Snake Creature

Hair color


Eye color

Dark grey



Personal Information

Dummy Girl (possibly attracted)


Thatch's gang


Casper, Casper's group


Able to stretch his tentacles

Chronological and political information



Casper's Scare School

Voiced by

Matthew Geczy (season 2)

Slither is a member of Thatch's gang. He appeared sometimes as a background character, whilst in other episodes with Thatch.


He wears a dark blue/navy blue robe, long enough to hide his lower body (which it doesn't have legs, since he is a snake creature). He has tentacles instead of hands, striped with purple and white and he has a loong/medium white/grey-ish hair. He also had grey maleviolent eyes and has a unibrow. He has a pale skin, like Thatch.

In his movie debut, he has no lines, but he appears the same, but he has dark eye sockets which is darker than in the TV series


Slither is seemed to be morbid/gloomy. However, he can be seen smiling, probably as a pleasant of hearing Thatch's commands/pranks. Because he is a background character mostly, Slither showed less other personalities.

His voice can be deep in season 1, but in season 2, he sounds less deeper than before


  • Apparently, he has a crush on Dummy Girl.
  • In episode It's a Mad Mad Underworld, it is revealed that Slither has an ability to stretch his tentacles as seen where Dummy Girl tries to run away with a treasure chest from Mosshead and Thatch, Slither was behind her and stretches his tentacles to get the chest
  • It is unnkown on who did the voice of Slither, but it is also that if Moonscoop provided credits in season 2 with better quality and roles on who voices who (mostly on Ra, Slither and others) and in bigger font (for research purposes).
  • In season 2, it is revealed that Matthew Geczy provides a role as Slither since in episode Thatch My Idol, in the scene where Casper is the only one who complains by saying "That's enough, Thatch!" after seeing Thatch playing soccer with Pumpkinhead's head, Thatch seems to sound a bit like Slither since Matthew Geczy also voiced Thatch along with other characters
  • It is unknown if Slither's relationship with Dummy Girl will be explored in season 2 or not.