"Revenge of the Creature Catcher"


""You Oughta Be In Pictures"

Summary Edit

Alder and Dash organize a Students vs. Teachers game of Slugby to prove Kibosh that the teachers aren't going soft.

Plot Edit

Kibosh arrives to Scare School and is outraged to find Frankengymteacher giving flowers to Ms. Hedy, the Nightwatchmen sleeping while the students run wild around the Answertorium's room and Professor Burns knitting a sweater for Alder and Dash, Kibosh tells the headmasters that they have 24 hours to prove that the faculty isn't going soft or else he will send Alder and Dash to the ice cavers. Alder and Dash spot Casper's gang and other kids playing slugby and, after realizing how bad the students are at it, they decide to organize a Students vs. Teachers game of slugby, naming themselves as captains of the teacher's team and name Casper as captain of the students' team to make sure the students lose nkowing that he wasn't good at playing Slugby.