Casper has really had enough of seeing Thatch bully his friends so he sprays him with a perfume he found in his uncles' magic ointment box. This perfume is supposed to turn the one who wears it into the loveliest person in the world... but actually it just makes OTHERS think you're great!


Casper has a cold and a blocked nose, so he goes to the Ghostly Trio for help. While looking through potions to find something to help him, unfortunately the medicine for colds is Maggot Juice and Fatso drank it all. They come across a Friendship potion, which is supposed to turn the meanest of creatures nice and friendly with a single drop. Thatch has been pranking everyone again, mainly Ra and Casper wants to do something about it, but he misunderstood his uncles and thought the potion would make Thatch friendly. Instead, everyone who smells the potion on him adores him, so Thatch is now able to get away with anything and no one complains (Mantha even does the "he loves me, he loves me not" with her fingers instead of a flower over him because of the potion), which bores Thatch after a while. When Casper tries to stop him, Thatch's new minions all chase after him, except for Mantha, who accidentally mentions that Casper "says you're not really nice, and it's just because of some potion he poured on you". He tries to put the potion on himself, but Thatch steals it and starts putting more on. Thatch wounds up running from everyone and taking the rowboat to fly to Deedstown, where the potion procceds to make the fleshies love him, too.

Meanwhile, Casper goes back to his uncles, and they decide that they need something that smells stronger than the potion: Stinky. They collect a full bucket of his sweat, finishing just as Thatch bursts into the manor with everyone in Deedstown on his heels. Suddenly the Trio smell him and adore him and they refuse to give Casper the bucket until he tricks them into handing it over in exchange for Thatch "letting them shine his shoes". He throws it over Thatch as the fleshies come through the door, and the smell breaks the effect of the potion and they run away screaming.

Thatch hugs Casper and calls him "buddy". He then makes a remark to the Trio about shining his shoes, and they kick him down the manor's front steps.


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  • This is the first episode of season 2 where Thatch acts friendly towards Casper.