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Triclops gets sick and tired of everyone, except Casper, Mantha, and Ra, picking on her because she's not scary. Meanwhile, Thatch looks for five rings in cereal boxes so that he can use them to become "Master of Darkness", Triclops finds the one ring that Thatch needed, so he steals it from her. Casper and his friends help Triclops to get her ring back, just as Thatch was about start the ritual he is stopped by Casper. Triclops gets fed up with of Thatch's words, takes his place and does the ritual and became the Mistress of Darkness. With her new powers, Triclops is now able to get back at everyone who picked on her. Her first demand was getting her hat back but Alder and Dash told her that one of the Gargoyles took it to the incerator, Triclops gets mad and starts using her powers to get everyone elses' favorite toys, including Thatch's rubber duck.

Casper tries to find Triclops's hat before it's too late, he eventually finds it but it is being used to patch up a hole in a sail on Cappy's ship, Casper gives it back to Triclops as a bundle or yarn but she is not happy with what happened to it so she summons a vortex and everyone's toys get sucked in, except for Thatch in his rubber duck since she has something else in mind for him. Mantha knits Triclops' hat and manages to restore it, Triclops is pleased with Mantha's work and decides to give everyone's toys back except for Mickey's doll, Monaco's ball and Duck Thatch.

Triclops throws the rings in a large hole in the ground outside of the school when she realizes that she doesn't need special powers to prove herself. The episode ends with Triclops with her hat back and Thatch, Mickey and Monaco knitting, thinking that Triclops still has her powers.