Vote for Casper




Original air date

October 16, 2009

Production number



"Bands On The Run"


"Permission Impossible"

"Vote for Casper" is the eighteenth episode of the first season of Casper's Scare School


Kibosh forces Casper to run for Class Representative against Mantha and Thatch.


Thatch and Mantha run for Class Representative, Ra suggests he and Casper to be her Campaign Managers when one of the Gargoyles walks in and tells Casper that he is wanted at Alder and Dash's office, once he gets there he finds out that Kibosh was the one sent for him. Kibosh tells Casper that since there hasn't been a ghost elected Class Representative for 200 years he wants Casper to run in, Casper tries to decline but Kibosh tapes his mouth shut and forces him to agree and orders him and Alder and Dash not to tell anyone about it since he is supposed to be impartial.

After Thatch and Mantha give their speeches, Ms. Hedy asks if there is someone else that wants to run in as well and Casper reluctantly raises his hand, much to Mantha's dismay. At lunch, Casper tries to tell an angry Mantha the truth but when he sees his lunch taking the form of Kibosh's face and glaring at him, he reluctantly says that he changed his mind. Feeling betrayed, Mantha decides to avoid Casper, dragging Ra along with her. Meanwhile, Thatch's gang makes everyone believe that Casper and Mantha are trying to sabotage each other's campaign so that they look bad. That night, Casper tells Ra that he doesn't want to fight with his friends so Ra tells him to decide what is more important to him.

The next day, Casper decides to withdraw during the votation after he decides his friends are more important to him than pleasing Kibosh, much to the latter's chagrin. Kibosh calls Casper up to Alder and Dash's office again and scolds him for disobeying him, Casper apologizes and explains why he did so before asking to be punished since he knows he deserves it. Alder and Dash suggests suspension, expulsion or locking him in the "Chamber of Umbereable Odors", although Kibosh decides not to punish Casper only because he showed bravery by standing up to Kibosh, a disappointed Alder asks if he won't punish him at least a little, only to get his own mouth taped shut.

After the votation is over and the votes were counted, Ms. Hedy announces that Mantha got 27 votes, Thatch got 28 votes and Casper got 1 vote from Mantha. Ms. Hedy and Kibosh congratulate him before the latter gives Thatch his first task as Class Rep.: clean the voter beast.


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  • This episode shows a heavy hint on Casper's crush on Mantha.