[At Scare School audiotorium] [Slither and Harpy throw confetti and play music as they chant] Alder: Expulsion?. Dash: Imprisonment in the Chamber of Unbearable Odours?. Kibosh: [to Alder and Dash] SILENCE!!! [to Casper] I don't like this friendship nonsense, but you stood up to someone more powerful than, and that takes bravery. There's nothing more important to a creature [places a hand on Casper's shoulder] so I'm not going to punish you. Alder: [groans] Not even a little? [saws a duct tape] Oh no, not the- [tape tapes his mouth] [At cafeteria] Hedy Hopper: And the results of the election are: Mantha = 27 votes. Thatch: 28 votes [Thatch's gang ad Thatch cheers in triumpt] Thatch: *in boast* Who's the Class Rep, now?! Hedy Hopper: Casper = 1 vote Casper: Huh! I wonder who voted for me? Mantha: Well, I didn't think it'll cost an election [strokes Casper's head] Hedy Hopper: So, congratulations, Thatch Kibosh: Yes. Congratulations. But before you began your duties as a Class Rep, I have a little job for you [Kibosh hands over the brush to Thatch to clean the Voter Beast] Kibosh: Clean the Voter Beast. Thatch: *groans* *gasps* Ugh.... [END EPISODE]
Scare School, Girls' dorm. Mantha is practising her handshake with her arm
Mantha: Nice to see you. I hope I can count on your vote
Casper and Ra enter the Girls' dorm. Mantha turns to them
Casper: Hey, Mantha. What are you doing?
Mantha: Practising [puts her arm back into her limb] If I'm elected as a Class Representative, I'll have to shake a lot of hands [goes to the closet and take out the box full of vote pictures, showing hand-drawn Mantha as it stands for "Vote for Mantha"]
Ra: You're running for Class Rep?
Mantha: I think I'd do a great job! I fight for equal rights for all creatures
Casper: That's great! So who are you running against?
[Door opens, Mosshead and Dummy Girl enter the room, he is wearing a election hat and holding a sign]
Mosshead: Vote for Thatch!
Dummy Girl: [laughs] Or else THIS might happen *kicks Mantha's box* *laughs again*
Mosshead: YEE-HOO!
Casper: [sighs] Oh man...
Mantha: [in weakness] So much for THAT idea
Casper: You're gonna quit just because of Thatch?!?
Mantha: What chance do I have? He'll just scare everyone into voting for know how he is
Casper: You can't let him stop you, Mantha. You're gonna be a better Class Rep. than him. Ra and I will help you
Ra: We'll be your Campaign Managers
[Door opens again, a Gargoyle stands in the doorway.]
Mantha: [gasps, angrily] What do you want, now?!
Gargoyle: Hey, you don't gotta be rude! I'm here for Casper. He's wanted in the headmasters' office.
[Scene changes to Alder and Dash's office, Casper enters.]
Casper: You sent for me, sirs?
Alder: He sent for you [points to his right side]
[Casper turns to see Kibosh looking out the office's window, his hands folded behind his back.
Kibosh: Hello, Casper. [turns to Casper as he says his name. Suspense music plays. Casper tenses up. Kibosh approaches Casper] As you're about to know, it's time for a school elections-
Casper: I DO know. My friend, Mantha-
Kibosh: Don't interrupt me, Casper. points to Casper and turns away from him] In over 2,000 years ago, there hasn't a single ghost elected Class Rep. I think it's about time we did something about this... *turns to Casper* Don't you?
Casper: [confused] You gotta run? Can you do that?
Kibosh: [angry] NOT ME, you nitwit!! [points to Casper] You!
Casper: Oh...well...thanks for thinking of me, sir, but my friend, Mantha-
[Kibosh uses telekinesis to tape Casper's mouth in order to shut him up with some duck tape on Ader and Dash's desk]
Dash: I didn't know you could do that to a ghost
Alder: It's Kibosh. He's good
Kibosh: When I ask you to do something, I expect you to do it. Is that clear???

[mumbles in agreement] Mm-hm

Kibosh: Good. Now, as leader of the Underworld, I was supposed to remain impartial, so this will be our little secret
Dash: We didn't hear anything
Alder: Not a peep
[Duct tape tapes Dash's mouth, then tries to tape Alder's but it ran out of tape]
Alder: [teasingly] HA! You're out of tape! [Tapeless duct tape is put onto Alder's mouth]
Thatch: ...and in conclusion, a vote for Thatch is a vote for freedom, justice and fair play.
[Students in audience agree]
Thatch: Also, I should mention here that *throws fist onto other hand* if you don't vote for me, Mosshead and Dummy Girl will be taking down your names
Mosshead, Dummy Girl: [repeatingly] Vote for Thatch! Vote for Thatch!
Students in audience: Vote for Thatch. Vote for Thatch....[repeats "Vote for Thatch"]
Hedy Hopper: [not amused] Thank you, Thatch, for that very thoughtful speech. And our next candidate is Mantha.
[Mantha enters up stage]
Mantha: My fellow students, today you were facing the choice, you can vote for fear or you can vote for hope-
Mosshead: BOO!!!!
Mosshead, Dummy Girl: Down with hope! Down with hope!!!
Mantha: If you vote for me, I promise that I'll fight for every creature in this school whether they're winged or horned; whether they float or creep; whether they're covered in fur or covered in slime.
[All students raise their hands except for Thatch and his gang. Mosshead and Dummy Girl take down the names]
Hedy Hopper: Before we finish, is there anyone else who'd like to declare themselves as a candidate?
[A nervious Casper turns to Kibosh, whio winks and smiles at Casper. Casper turns away and reluctantly raises his hand up]
Mantha: What?!
[Thatch and his gang gasp in surprise]
[Scare School cafeteria. Casper sits next to Mantha and Ra as they eat lunch]
Mantha: [stops drinking her drink] Well, look who it is, my former Campaign Manager
Casper: Mantha, I'm sorry
Mantha: How come you could do this to me, Casper? You were supposed to be my friend
Casper: It's not my fault. I don't wanna run, but-
[His Jelly-like food takes the form of an angry Kibosh face]
Casper: I.....changed my mind
Mantha: That's your explanation? Fine. Well, Ra and I changed our minds about eating lunch with you [grabs her tray and walks away]
Ra:[about to eat his sandwich] We did?
Mantha: Yes. We did! [grabs Ra by his bandages and pulls him away]
Ra: So much for democracy-WHOA!
[Boys' dorm, a meeting of Thatch's gang is held]
Dummy Girl:

[laughs when her head is hit by a gravel]

Mosshead: This meeting of CHEAT- the Comittee to Help Elect Thatch- is now called to order.
Dummy Girl: That spells CHET, bright boy.
Mosshead: Oh. Oh, right. This meeting of CHET- the Comittee to-
Thatch:[annoyed] Can it, would ya? Now listen up, I'm worried about Casper and Mantha. What if those goody-goodies would somehow get through the voters? Here's what we're gotta do: get those goody-goodies to act like jerks, then may the best jerk win. And we know who that is.
Mosshead: You, Thatch. You're the biggest jerk
Dummy Girl: King of the jerks. I never met a bigger-
Thatch:[snatches gravel from Mosshead] Okay, I get it [hits Dummy Girl in head by gravel, makes Dummy Girl laugh instead of saying "Ouch!"]
[Scene changes to the hallways, as Mantha offers arm-shaped chocolate-chip cookies in order to elect her vote]
Mantha: Hi there, have a cookie. And don't forget to vote for Mantha
[Thatch's gang, disguised as ghosts underneath white bedsheets, making ghost noises]
Slither, Dummy Girl, Mosshead, Harpy: Vote for Casper! Vote for Casper!
Slither: You don't wanna vote for Mantha! She doesn't have a LEG [pulls Mantha's leg off] to stand on]
Mantha:[annoyed] HEY! Give it back!
Slither, Dummy Girl, Mosshead, Harpy: Vote for Casper! "Vote for Casper"
[Mantha and Ra ran after Thatch's gang as the gang plays with Mantha's leg. Mantha fell onto Ra, causing into rolling down like a ball, then fell onto the ground. Slither, then, threw her leg at Ra's head]
Casper: Hey. Are you guys okay?
Mantha: [angrily] We're "fine". I never thought you stood this low, Casper
Casper: What are you talking about? You know I have nothing to do with that!
Mantha: Well, they're clearly your supporters and you'll do nothing to stop them! [turns to Ra] Let's go, Ra.
Casper: But- you guys......I-...... [sighs]
[Scene changes to science class, Thatch's gang run in]
Slither: [sniggers] Nice work, dudes!
[Thatch's gang throws bedsheets out of them. Mosshead high fives Slither]

Slither: Now, who's ready for our next job? *pulls out bandages as the gang's next disguise*

[At the Scare School main entrance, where Casper hands out his election papers] Casper: Hey! Vote for Casper. I mean, if you want to. You can also vote for Mantha, she's a good candidate, too. [Thatch's gang, in disguise as mummies, sliding down the stairs] Thatch's gang: *repeatedly* Vote for Mantha! Vote for Mantha! [The gang, then, destructs Casper's election area. Slither, then, snatches a gargoyle's mop bucket full of water] Slither: Don't vote for Casper! *splashes Casper, making him wet* He's all wet! *laughs* [Thatch's gang laughs then leaves the scene. Casper, then, turns to Mantha, as she enters the scene by stairs] Mantha: *in guilt* I have nothing to do with it!! Casper: *angrily* Admit it! You were getting revenge for something I didn't even do!! [Casper is about to leave the scene, but got called by gargoyle] Gargoyle: Hey! Clean that up!! *points at Casper's election area, which is wet] Casper: *sighs* [At the cafeteria] [Students sees pictures of Casper and Mantha against each other] Monaco: One's no better than the other. Mickey: Politicians are, like, always the same. Thatch: *off screen/scene* No, they're not! *laughs as he enters in bat transformation, then turns into his normal self on the table* Sick of squabbling goody-goodies? Vote for Thatch...for a change!. [Students agree with Thatch, which makes him smile] [Scene changes at the gym class] Frankengymteacher: *blows whistle* Alright, bring it in. Remember, tomorrow's Election Day...*his voice fades* [Slither smiles for next plan as Mosshead throws a scare ball at Mantha's head, causing it to pop out of her neck] Slither: *to Casper* Whoa! Nice shot, Casper! Casper: What? No! It wasn't me! [Mantha, in anger, puts her head on, then walks away]

[At night, Casper was upset about how his friends were hurt while he's sitting on the side of his bunk bed at the boys' dorm. Then, he saw Ra getting in his sarcophagus] Casper: *to Ra* Ra, I feel bad about this whole thing. I don't wanna fight you and Mantha, you're my best friends. Ra: *opens his sarcophagus* Then here's what will do: quit. Casper: *sighs* Ra: Casper, you can do whatever you want. You just have to decide which is really important to you. And now, will you excuse me, Extreme Makeover Tomb Edition is on. *closes his sarcophagus* [Next day, Election Day. At the Scare School audiotorium, the students were voting for one candidate as the Class Rep inside the Election Beast] Voter Beast: Next voter. Mickey: *to Voter Beast* You should really try showering [Voter Beast groans at Mickey. Ra, noticing Casper, nudges Mantha in arm. Casper floats up to the speaker booth for attention] Casper: Um..excuse me, everyone? I wanna thank all of my supporters, but after careful considerations, I decided.....*then stares at Kibosh and Alder & Dash, then starts to speak in courage* I decided to withdraw. [Students gasp in shock] [Kibosh growls] Casper: In fact, I'm gonna vote for Mantha and so should all of you. Mantha is, so far, the best candidate. [Record scratch] Thatch: *angrily* Hey, you can't do that! It's not fair!! Slither: Yeah! We're trying to play you against each other Thatch: *to Slither, angrily* Don't tell them that, you idiot!! Flyboy: smells awful in there *exhales* Bzzz...I hate Election Day [After the election vote, Casper enters the headmasters' office]

Casper: [to Kibosh] You wanted to see me, sir?
[Kibosh stands in front of Casper, his arms crossed in front of his chest] Kibosh: Casper, I'm extremely displeased about you. I gave you an order [points at Casper].
Casper: I know, sir and I'm very sorry, but I couldn't follow your order. See, Mantha's my best friend...well, her and Ra, and if I kept running, I did been hurting both of them [Alder and Dash look around them awkwardly] and that's just something I couldn't do so go ahead and punish me. [turns around, his back to Kibosh] I know I deserve it.
Kibosh: [growls]
Dash: May I suggest suspension?.